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KAIDO SHAD - another proven result!!

18 Oct 2013
KAIDO SHAD - another proven result!!
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KAIDO SHAD has produced finished the external shape and action, carefully pondering the color is still bound to provoke KAIDO SHAD coated with most fish appetite and desire to attack, which is the process of developing the most challenging job! Before paint in the colour, SENSES development team have done fishing lures field test in a transparent body with simple few strokes with marker pen to test lure swimming action to entice the fish to bite on KAIDO SHAD, and finally we have succeeded hooking hampala barb, once again proven that dynamic action is the key priorities for fish bite. Next step, the colour will be designed to meet the precisely to KAIDO SHAD dynamic action to enhance the fish fish appetite and desire to attack, we believe KAIDO SHAD can help you to fishing in harsh conditions with good result.

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